About Us

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Company Profile

About us

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PEMS Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (PEMS) is an ISO certified (ISO 9001:2015) consultancy organization, with a successful track record of more than a decade in the multifaceted portfolios of civil infrastructure. PEMS is specialized in providing comprehensive consultancy services from project identification to project commissioning and provide complete range of services needed to conceptualize, design, engineer, construct and manage project to meet the specific requirements of its clientele.

PEMS delivers customized and integrated solutions to meet the clients’ expectations and handling projects in infrastructure development i.e., Highways, Roads & Bridges, Structural Engineering, Rail Infrastructure, Tunnels, Water Resources & Sewerage, Hydropower, Industrial projects, Water Supply & Sanitation etc. We have knowledge partners from developed and G8 countries in core areas especially for international projects.

Having established its strength, PEMS is one of the nationally empanelled consultants empanelled by various Ministries and State Governments in India, Institutional Agencies under the Government of India and multilateral funding agencies and has its strong client base and valued always at client relations, several projects to its credit by commissioning the same within the schedule completion with targets.


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Our Mission


Our mission is to deliver innovative world-class engineering consultancy services, by providing solution as per the aspiration of the clients, committed to quality and excellence, cost effective and environment friendly.


Our Vision


We envisage to be a Global Engineering Consultancy Organization adopting optimal engineering methodologies, delivery of superior, cost effective and integrated solutions in compliance with implementation management by adhering to related codes and standards.



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Late M. S. IYER

Mr. M.S. Iyer held a Master’s Degree in Engineering with emphasis in Hydraulics, Irrigation & Flood Control. He had more than 40 years in Design, Project Management & Commissioning of Water Resources, Hydro Electric projects and Water related structures.

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Marching ahead with the need of the market, with innovation and agility. PEMS has progressively entered into its core engineering verticals, in the multifaceated areas of Civil Engineering, to raise client satisfaction levels by leveraging the diverse backgrounds of our core work force team, consisting of engineering professionals, designers, planners and subject matter specialists.

Ranked as one among the leading Engineering and Project Management Consultants, ever to provide our clients, with comprehensive integrated and quality services. We continue to explore the core areas reinforced by our experience and spirit of innovation through technological enhancement, to make our vision into reality.

I therefore, seek continued patronage of our valued clients, cooperation of our employees and thank our well-wishers who have contributed to the growth of the organization.

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Our Services

 Feasibility Study  Detailed Project Report  Detailed Design  Planning  Engineering  Design and Procurement services  Design Review / Proof Checking  Construction Management  Supervision and Advisory  Project Management Consultancy services  Design Engineering Services

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from Vision to Reality